Top 3 Reasons to Stop Sending Your Graphic Designer Photos from Social Media!

Here are the Top 3 Reasons to Stop Sending Your Graphic Designer Photos from Social Media:

  1. They Look Like Crap.
  2. They Look Like Crap.
  3. They Look Like Crap.

As badly as I would like to leave this post as is, I’d actually like to take the opportunity to explain WHY you NEED to stop sending photos you’ve screenshot from Instagram or downloaded from Facebook.

  • Low Quality – Although you may upload a high-resolution photo to Facebook, chances are you are not going to download one unless you specifically request to download the high-resolution image. I’ve yet to see that option, so more than likely you’re downloading a modified version of the one you uploaded. Images take up space on the internet, so when you upload a photo the resolution is generally and automatically minimized to save space. Therefore when you download the same photo, you’re getting the minimized version which makes for poor quality when trying to expand the image and make it bigger. We’ll discuss more detail in our next blog: Resolution Matters: Pixels & dpi Understanding the Importance of High-quality Images in Your Finished Product.
  • Why are you downloading images from social media to send to a designer, anyway? Listen, not to be a jerk, but….the images you send your designer to represent you, your brand, band, business or otherwise is a direct representation of you and your product! Photography is a huge asset to brands and skimping on good photography because you have a photo from 2007 that was uploaded to Facebook in 2006 IS NOT A GOOD DECISION. Ever.
  • Help the professional do his/her job! I know, I know, graphic designers are looked at as gods sometimes because of the miracles we perform with bad photos, but that’s NOT because we WANT to it’s because we HAVE to. At the end of the day our job is to make you look good and we can only do that with good photos!