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  • All print jobs require a 100% advanced payment due immediately upon placing an order. It is the policy of PrintMyGfx.com that such advanced payments are strictly non-refundable. PrintMyGfx.com does not guarantee the exact color (including darkness or brightness) and cuts on jobs due to our gang run printing process. By sending specifications, images or files to PrintMyGfx.com, client represents that client is the sole author of the work and possess all rights to use such specifications, images or files, including but not limited to any exclusive licenses. Client further represents that the specifications, images or files do not infringe upon any statutory copyright, common law right, trademark, license or any other proprietary right. If furnishing such specifications, images or files toPrintMyGfx.com client agrees to holdPrintMyGfx.com harmless against any claims whatsoever associated with their use or exploitation. If delivery is impaired by an act of God, electrical failure, airline delays or cancellations, etc.,PrintMyGfx.com will make a reasonable attempt to complete and ship the customer’s job, however. Client agrees not to holdPrintMyGfx.com liable if delivery is impaired or delayed by such an act of God, electrical failures, airline delays or cancellations, or any other unforeseeable delay in delivery.

  • PrintMyGfx.com does NOT provide graphic design services. You may however reach out to our parent company MoneyGraphicsllc.com to see if a designer is available.

  • You can either upload your artwork upon check out or email your files to art@printmygfx.com

  • If there is a mistake made on our part, PrintMyGfx.com will do everything that we can to right the mistake, whether that is reprinting or refunding your payment.

  • PrintMyGfx.com will make every necessary attempt to complete and ship the customer’s job on schedule. If a delivery is impaired by an act of God, electrical failures, airline delivery delays, any transportation delay, or cancellations, or any other delay out ofPrintMyGfx.com control, thenPrintMyGfx.com will assist the client in locating the delivery.PrintMyGfx.com is not responsible for any boxes lost or damaged by the shipping company. The customer agrees not to holdPrintMyGfx.com liable under any of the above conditions. Absolutely NO refunds.

  • Not at this time.

  • This will depend on the print turnaround and shipping turnaround you choose.

  • No. We do not match any proofs on press. We print directly from your digital file.

  • Files should be submitted at least at 350 DPI. Submitting a file less than 350 DPI might cause it to look bad & we will not be responsible for pixelation.

  • When designing with a border, the more space you leave around the card, the better the card will look. If you leave very little room, any minor factor will cause the card to be slightly uneven either to bottom or left to right. This is completely normal in the printing industry. There are many reasons why this occurs. Whenever you buy paper it comes cut to a size many times by a guillotine. If it is guillotine cut, there is a very good chance that the paper will be slightly smaller or uneven in some parts. After this, the paper is fed into printing machine. There is some tolerance also in the press. The next step is UV coating (if applicable). After, it gets either slit or again guillotine cut to get to the final size. Any minor movements thru out these processes may make a difference even as large as 1/16th of an inch or more in any type of printed piece. Ultimately, it is not recommended to design with borders, but if it’s necessary, we will make a great effort to try to keep the job as good as possible but always remember there is some inevitable tolerance that must be taken into consideration.

  • A gang run is basically a large sheet with multiple orders of multiple clients being placed on it to divide cost of production among many clients and to be able to offer very competitive pricing to our customers. The only down side is colors may vary from one time ordered to another because we cannot focus on any particular piece of art but instead we must focus on the entire sheet. Colors generally don’t vary more than about 5%. MoneyGraphics does use this method of printing to offer competitive pricing.

  • PrintMyGfx.com ONLY prints in CMYK. No Pantone, PMS, RGB, etc

  • When this happens what you should do is either give us a call or just select a size that will fit into that particular size. For example, if you want a 5 x 8 choose 6×8 or 5.5×8.5 or if you want a 5 x 4 choose a 4 x 6 or 1/4 page.

  • UV coating is a liquid like a varnish with a lamination-like appearance used to instantly dry and shine printed paper. The liquid is applied with a coating tower on to the paper. After it passes through extremely intense Ultra Violet lights that instantly dry the ink on the paper. With the UV liquid PrintMyGfx.com uses, you well get extremely high gloss and shine as a standard for business cards and postcards. UV has many advantages. When UV coating is applied, the printed material will never fade off in someone’s wallet or hand or even the sun. (If you are going to use your postcards as a mailer and you are going to send them to get printed on, please ask us to NOT UV coat your postcards. Otherwise, when you try to print on UV Coated cards the ink will smear.

  • NO, you may choose to print on our NON UV cover stock if you prefer.

  • You may use a sharpie pen to write on it but it is not 100% effective. If you need to write or print on your postcards please let us know at the time of your order and we will use our NON UV paper.

  • When you purchase multiple items in your cart and email us your files to art@printmygfx.com, please be sure to let us know which file is to be printed with each order or upload upon check out.